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Wednesday, April 10, 2019


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Identity: How to Really Stand Out from the Crowd

Rich Harshaw, CEO, Level 10 Contractor

Do You Ever Feel Like "The Best Kept Secret?" Do Customers Rave About You… Yet You Struggle To Convert New Prospects? Are you constantly wondering why your marketing results aren't where you'd like them to be?

Simple: Lots of platitudes, and no discernible identity. There's a good chance platitudes are murdering your marketing right now, and you don't even know it. You're saying things that you think are profound and different, but in reality, they simply are not.

In this session, you'll see examples of advertising without an identity… then, by contrast, examples of websites that are brimming with identity. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to implement an identity, and what a profound impact it will make in all of your marketing efforts.

In this session you will learn:

• What platitudes are… and why you continue to use them even though they don't work
• The curse of knowledge: recognize it and eliminate it
• What the difference is between an identity and advertising theme
• Steps to creating your identity
• Before and after examples of websites, advertisements, and brochures that illustrate the concepts.

Work Your Campaigns Proactively, Not Reactively

Marci Katz, VP Marketing/Business Development, NEWPRO

Many of us allocate a marketing budget, and review results post-month. So how do you ensure your lead gen campaigns are working "in the month" and not when it's too late to do anything about it other than take the loss and hope for better results next month? Katz will share strategies to get your campaign to work for you in real time by proper communication with lead providers. This will achieve in-the-month results that can save a source and grow a source into a winner.

Take control of your TV media!

Kyle Matherne, Marketing Manager, West Shore Home

Learn how West Shore Home took ownership of their TV media and nearly doubled their marketing in 2018. From creating a unified brand message to building an internal agency, West Shore Home transformed television into the keystone of the marketing and lead generation efforts catapulting them into record-breaking sales months. Learn how West Shore Home built a media team that saved them money, gave them better data on their marketing performance, and gave them the flexibility to continue innovating their tv strategy.


2nd Annual Pub Quiz and Networking Night

Thursday, April 11, 2019




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More, Better Leads Online

Bruce Porter, CEO, SWAT Marketing Solutions

This fast-paced presentation will discuss how to setup your website for optimal user experience, how to grow traffic, setup better lead capture, and what to do with the leads once you get them.

Media Secrets for Home Improvement Companies—what ad agencies and broadcast companies don't want you to know

Amy Rahn, Marketing Director, NewSouth Window Solutions

You are in a competitive marketplace and have made a commitment to take your company to the next level in 2019. With the countless advertising opportunities available, how do you know which direction to go in? How do you ensure you get your money's worth? How do you even approach taking the steps to make your business stand out from the crowd? From the message to the medium, Amy will help guide you through the media maze and give you money-saving pointers as you build campaigns that move the needle for your business.

Marketing 101: Fundamentals to Grow Your Business

Marketing Manager, Hullco

Generating leads is simply about getting enough inquiries to convert to sales and meet your revenue goals. You do NOT have to deploy a canvass team or hire telemarketers. In fact today's consumer is blocking unwanted calls and they rarely answer the door. Learn simple, basic marketing tactics to create inbound leads and convert those leads to customers.


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