Extreme Lead Generation, April 15-16, 2020, Austin, TX


This year's program features hands-on business workshops with one-on-one expert content customized for your business

Tuesday / April 14 | 8:00AM – 5:00PM

  • Extreme Dealers Days (By invitation only. Please contact us if you are interested in attending.)

Wednesday / April 15 | 8:00AM – 5:00PM

  • Coffee and a light breakfast — followed by more coffee
  • Stellar content from our speakers
  • Strategizing Your Marketing Spend
    By B.J. Werzyn, Owner, West Shore Home
    Understanding how to plan and adjust your marketing budget is critically important for success. BJ Werzyn will share what he calls a PDCA cycle: Plan (budget); Do (execute); Check (regular meeting rhythm); Act (adjust when/where necessary). West Shore stays nimble by moving dollars around to push leads where they are needed. Here, he will reveal the secret to maximizing your reach with a combination of legacy media, digital, and social media campaigns.
  • Need a break? We gotcha covered.
    Take this time for refreshments and great conversation with our strategic partners! Remember to have your game card validated at each table.
  • The Playbook to Understand Your Clients (And What We Found)
    By Ricky Deakyne, National Marketing Manager, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen
    Many companies today are leveraging some or a lot of client data, but are they missing it? It meaning - what their clients really care about, what their buyer journeys are and their why's to engage and buy. In Ricky's talk, he is going to give you the research playbook he used to understand his clients all across the US, present a few key findings and share how you can use this same playbook to  give your business a competitive advantage to create delightful client experiences.
  • Drive more sales with this hands-on business workshop!
    Gain business insights and knowledge from your peers. Find out what others are doing and how you can improve your game.
  • Locate some nearby famous Texas BBQ or food that is suited to your taste.
    Lunch is on your own with many options within walking distance.
  • Maximizing Paid Leads
    By Adam Shampaine, CEO, Homefix Custom Remodeling
    Customers are turning to the internet to research and choose contractors now more than ever before, and it is imperative for home remodeling companies to diversify their lead generation campaigns to stay relevant and continue growing. Paid Online Lead Generation has become an integral part of most successful mid-sized and large home remodeling companies, but few know how to analyze and maximize Paid Leads, or properly vet and monitor Lead Generation Vendors. When running a digital strategy, it is easy to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars with no discernable return on your investment. Join CEO Adam Shampaine as he discusses the HCR's success, and the steps he took to grow HCR's Paid Internet Lead Program from nothing, to providing upwards of 15% to 20% of its annual gross revenue.
  • Customize Your Conference
    Dynamic breakouts with our strategic partners
  • Fast-paced panel discussion focused on gaining and closing more leads
  • Lower Lead Costs with A Method that Works
    By Megan McGuire, Director of Sales and Marketing, All Weather Seal
    The average lead cost continues to rise year after year in our industry. The question then becomes, how can we bring our total lead cost spend down? In this presentation, McGuire will reveal her unique way to lower CPL by re-marketing through simple calling campaigns that really work, with as low as a 2% fully loaded lead cost.  Both large and small companies will learn valuable tips as Megan explains practical steps to begin these calling campaigns right away. You don't need any fancy auto-dialers or a large facility to make this work for your business.
  • Got a question for one of our speakers?
    We will reassemble our presenters to answer your questions. Write your questions and keep them short and to the point!
    Bring your trivia knowledge. Let's put our heads together while we enjoy conversation, food, beverage and prizes. May the best team win!

Thursday / April 16 | 8:30AM - Noon

  • Coffee and more coffee along with breakfast snacks
  • Welcome back to Extreme Lead Gen – Day Two
    The ONLY home improvement conference with is 100% focused on Lead Generation
  • Drive Leads Through Onsite Display Events
    By Delphin Thebaud, VP, Sales and Marketing, Gutter Helmet
    Fifteen percent of Gutter Helmet's 30,000 leads are derived from onsite display events. Over the past few years, the company shifted its strategic focus away from large-scale, traditional home shows to smaller, unique onsite events. Here, Thebaud will share how his team set up its 2.0 event strategy, including finding new opportunities, growing lead generation, reducing costs, and spurring growth in an offline marketing source. Gutter Helmet has seen significant success with this grass roots approach in a variety of venues including farmers markets, retail stores, theaters, local attractions and even local high school events.
  • Customize Your Conference
    Dynamic breakouts with our strategic partners
  • Smart Strategies in Radio Advertising
    By Rick Wuest, President & CEO, Thompson Creek Window Company and George Schuab, Director of Marketing, Thompson Creek Window Company

    When used correctly, radio advertising can become a key part of any company's marketing plan. This fast-paced presentation will tell you how to hire a trusted on-air personality to deliver your message, negotiate fees, handle endorsements, and incorporate radio into your online and social media messaging.
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