Conference Agenda

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

10:00 AM

Conference Registration Opens

Stop by early for a friendly smile and warm welcome! Carly will have your name badge, credentials, Extreme Gen Lead program and announcements. And while you are here, start visiting with our proud partners! We can't wait to get acquainted.

12:00 NOON

Tony Mancini / Welcome

Be in your seat and ready to be impressed. The program officially kicks off with an enthusiastic "Hello" from Tony Mancini, principal of SGC Horizon, publisher of Professional Remodeler Magazine. Tony will be your host throughout the conference and his engaging wit and energy will get us off to a great start.

12:15 PM

Mike Agugliaro / Keynote Speaker

The 9-Step Formula That Created A $180+ Million Fortune

During this interactive session, you'll hear from Mike as he shares the secret 9-step formula, step by step, to show you exactly how to create success in your own life and to transform the productivity and results for your employees, clients, and even your family. From making money to building relationships to getting healthy... this 9-step formula will enable you to make ANY change in life.

1:15 PM

Phoebe Chongchua
It's Your Story – Tell It!

In this interactive smartphone storytelling workshop, you'll learn tips for capturing great footage. No more shaky and inaudible video and sound. This hands-on workshop will teach you a quick and simple way to quickly capture client testimonials and tell any story.

1:45 PM


Ok, folks, it's time to break for some rehydration and snacks. And while you are here, please visit at least three of our fine partners. Is it a deal? But don't take too long. (You can come back later, of course.)

2:00 PM

Breakout Sessions

You have options. The breakout sessions are short, so find a seat quickly with the one you want. We'll have more tomorrow, but choose your favorite from today's selection. These breakouts will be led by industry leaders who are experts in their topics.

2:30 PM

Phoebe Chongchua
Communicate, Connect, Convert, Close: The Art of Brand Storytelling to Win Customers

Phoebe takes the stage again to help you develop your story. Every company, as well as every person, has a story to tell and you can reach your target market through brand storytelling. Through storytelling, relationships are formed. This workshop will show you how to create branded content that's meaningful to your target market.

4:00 PM


Take another quick break and hurry back. This next session is one you can't afford to miss!

4:15 PM

Jason Valasek
Lead Gen Strategies That Actually Work

What's holding back your business? Perhaps it is a lack of clarity. Here, Jason will present real case studies, clear strategies and explain step-by-step how a home improvement company grew to $3 million per month in revenue. You will learn to remove the risk from spending your advertising dollars and invest that same money using analytics.

5:00 PM


Time to relax with us for food, drinks and a fun-filled Beer Olympics! Bring home the gold for your team. Try your skills with the Pretzel Toss, Water Bottle Hockey, Dance Off, Beer Pong and more! You don't have to drink beer to play, but you can if you want. And did we say food? Sure did. And lots of it!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

7:15 AM


We can't think of a better way to start your day than with an eye-opening cup of steaming coffee or ice-cold juice. And, that's not all! We'll have plenty of breakfast options to start your morning off right.

8:00 AM

Tony Mancini / Welcome

Tony is back to kick off the day. You know, announcements, review of yesterday and all that stuff.

8:15 AM

Brian Gottlieb
If You Want Lots of Attention

Brian is the King of Live Events. Learn as Brian tells you how he has taken ideas and turned them into lead generation gold mines. Tundraland does over 425 live events each year. Can you even imagine? From the Green Bay Packers games to charity awareness to home shows and cause marketing, even singing in the shower. Nobody does it better and with more success than Brian.

9:00 AM

Almena Faux
Before You Throw Away That Newspaper!

There's just something about touch and smell that appeals to us and print reaches all five senses. When used correctly, print media can be a highly profitable source of leads for home improvement companies. This fast-paced, detailed presentation will unveil the secrets for selecting the correct print media for your company. Explore ideas for placement, creative content, tracking and metrics for success.

9:30 AM

Breakout Sessions

Couldn't decide on a breakout session yesterday? You're in luck! Select a different session lead by one of our industry leaders.

10:00 AM


Take a break. Grab a drink, a bite to eat, return a phone call and talk to any of our outstanding partners. But hurry, Brian Elias is up next!

10:30 AM

Brian Elias
Lead Generation is Like Online Dating

Do you want the best prospects? It's a race to get her (or his) number before the competition gets there. Once someone buys a roof, windows, or a kitchen, they're out of the market—often for longer than most marriages last! Brian is the founder and president of 1-800-Hansons. He will share his online lead generation strategy that netted his company more than $40 million. That's over half of Hansons' $76 million in sales for 2016. We can all learn something from this incredible guy!

11:15 AM

Vince Nardo
The Call Center Attraction

Is a call center right for you? Whether you have one or not, you will see an engaging presentation of how a successful call center operates. Listen and watch closely as Vince presents actual demonstrations of Reborn's highly successful call center. Your call center can be one of your most prolific tactics for generating leads.

12:00 NOON


Pack up all those notes. Don't leave anything behind! But the most important thing is to start immediately to implement all these great ideas. Let's make 2017 a year of Extreme Lead Generation!